SnapTax App: Take Pictures Of Forms To File Your Taxes

SnapTax AppWith April comes many good things. Spring has sprung, there’s April Fools Day, Earth Day and Baseball Opening Day. But with April also comes a day that many Americans hate, April 18: Tax Day. There’s nothing worst than rushing to fill out forms that you don’t understand at the last minute trying to make a deadline.

Now you can have a little help with a Android and iPhone app from TurboTax called SnapTax. SnapTax lets you take pictures of your W-2 with your phone, answer some questions, and then efile your taxes with the push of a button. The only thing is that you have to have a simple tax return with the following restrictions:

  • Income of $80k or less ($100k if married)
  • Income only from W-2s, interest, or unemployment
  • No dependents
  • No home or real estate ownership

Still, if you meet that criteria which many Americans do, your taxes may become a lot easier and cheaper this year. The app is free to download and costs $14.95 to file.

More @ iTunes.


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