R.C. Pro-Am

rcproamtitle rcproamcover

Developer: Rare Ltd.
Publisher: Nintendo
NA Release date: February, 1988
Genre: Racing
Media: 512-kilobit cartridge

rcproamclipart Overview:


R.C. Pro-Am is a racing game I used to play all the time. In the game, the player operates R.C. Cars around different courses while trying to beat the opponents to the finish line. While racing your car, you can pick up items like missiles, bombs, and roll cage power-ups, to try to destroy the other racers. There are also roadside hazards that can stop racers such as slick oil spills, water spills, pop up walls and rain clouds. In addition, there are arrows that you can drive over for a boost of speed.

The game gets more and more difficult as you progress through the levels. The different knowing the obstacles and grabbing the items are an essential part of making it to the next level. There are approximately twelve different track layouts in the game and there doesn’t seem to be an end to the gam. After  the first twelve levels they start to repeat with more obstacles and more difficult computer opponents.




rcproamclipart Controls:

D-Pad: Controls your car. Left and right are the only directions that you can use.

Select: No use.

Start: Starts the game, and pauses the game while playing.

B Button: Accelerate.

A Button: Weapon.



rcproamclipart Items:rcproam2


These appear on the tracks as letters in a box. If you collect enough to spell N-I-N-T-E-N-D-O, you will get a bonus of points and upgraded vehicles.

Add 100 points and add one weapon.

Remove one weapon.

Enemies who touch you while you have one will spin out.

Weapons you shoot on the track. If you shoot a car enough with them, it will spin out.

Weapons you lay on the track. Other cars touch them and spin out.

Accelerator Upgrades
Blue circles that increase your acceleration.

Engine Upgrades
Blue engine blocks that increase your maximum speed.

Tire Upgrades
Black tires that increase your turning abilities.


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