iPhone Game Review: Cover Orange

Cover Orange

Recently while browsing the app store I found this game called Cover Orange. It was ranked #3 in the top 25 downloads and it looked good so I figured it was worth a download for 99 cents. Turns out that it is one of the most enertaining games I’ve played in a while.


Basically as the title implies, you need to cover orange. You get different shaped crates, barrels and wheels that you can use to cover the orange(s) by dropping them in a way to best cover the oranges before the raincloud comes and drops acid rain to try and destroy the oranges. If the acid rain hits the oranges it is very sad as they disintegrate. There are obstacles that play a part in trying to block the raincloud. There are also objects like bombs that can play a role in how you can pass the level. It’s a simple concept but most entertaining games usually are.


The graphics are good for the iPhone. The animation is smooth and the developers of the game added some fun little details like when the oranges hold thank you banners after you save them from the raincloud and how there are little animated animals like snails hanging out. The sound and music isn’t going to win any awards but it’s catchy. The oranges say “oy” more than a jewish mother and the raincloud has a creepy laugh.

Replay Value:

This game was a lot of fun going through the first time. Since I finished all 60 of the initial levels, I’ve even gone back and tried to improve on some scores. The game however isn’t that long and the levels aren’t too difficult. In fact I was able to solve many of the levels on my first pass through. A game like Angry Birds took me about ten hours to complete but this game was finished in about an hour or two. The developers are teasing us with an area that says “New levels coming soon” but I’m not sure of how many extra levels will be available and when that will be. Until then I will keep having fun with what I have.

More @ FDG-Entertainment.


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