Ion iCade Brings an Arcade Cabinet to iPad

iPad iCadeI’ve always wanted to create an arcade cabinet that plays retro video games through a PC connected to a custom built cabinet. The problem was always the time, money and effort involved in the process of building one. It also required a dedicated PC and monitor to get one going. Here is a brilliant solution. It’s smaller than a classic arcade unit which is fine considering how much room those take up and how heavy they are to move. This thing sits on a table and even better, uses an ipad as the screen and computer guts behind the system. If this thing becomes compatable with games like Ms. Pac-Man and Street Fighter 2, there could be some app buying (and iPad buying) happening in my future.

This actually started out as an April fools joke last year posted up on a website. The response was so good that the iCade was designed in time for CES this year where it is being demoed. It is expected to go on sale this Spring for about $100.


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