Netflix Streaming Now Disc-free on PS3, Wii

Netflix streamless

I love Netflix. For under $10/month you get tons of movies and TV shows delivered directly to your computer or DVD via mail. The most convenient thing for me however is Netflix’s streaming service via Wii or PS3 because it lets me watch my favorite movies right on my TV, where they belong. The only problem I had been having with the old Netflix streaming system was that the service could get lousy due to the disc having to be in in order for the Streaming service to work. I had to order 3 new discs over the past 6 months due to them simply not working.

Today however Netflix has gone disc-free for Wii and PS3. It’s been a long time coming. As I type this I’m watching “The Brady Bunch Movie” on my PS3 in my living room and in a few minutes I’m going to retire to my bedroom and maybe turn on the Wii and see how the disc-free service works on it. Thank you Netflix for continuing to be awesome and so reasonably priced compared to how much the cable company wants to deliver me cable TV.

More @ Netflix.


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