Coin Push Frenzy Arcade App

Coin Push Frenzy app

If you have ever been to Dave & Buster’s or other arcades, you’d know about the arcade coin pusher game. In the game, you insert quarters or tokens which fall onto an platform where there are some scoopers which push the coins onto the playing field and from there hopefully push coins to drop down into the win tray. The reason this game is so addicting is because the player always thinks that they’re about to win based on the fact that the coins look like they’re about to all tumble over the edge of the playing field. The truth is that gravity works in amazing ways with these machines and those coins are heavy, making it look like you will win every time which is not the case.

The same people that brought us the Skeeball app to the iPhone have released a game ‘Coin Push Frenzy’ based on that popular coin pusher game. The app features some great graphics and has that same addictive gameplay that made the arcade version so popular. You tap the screen where you want to drop the coin and see what the scooper has in store for you. There are plenty of mystery boxes and bonus coins to be won. One thing that makes this game different than the arcade version is that you can lose coins when they fall to the left or right of the playing field. The app is currently free although I’m not sure why as I would have gladly paid money for this one.

More @ iTunes.


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