Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon Bus Tour

A buddy and I recently went out to Las Vegas and while out there we decided to go on a tour of the Grand Canyon. The Las Vegas strip is filled with different companies trying to sell tourists Grand Canyon trip packages. The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona and is a few hours from Las Vegas so the Grand Canyon tour is an all day event. The company that we decided to go with offered a double decker bus, stop at the Hoover Dam, two different stops at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon as well as a stop at the Grand Canyon gift store and IMAX theater, all for about $100/person.

We boarded the bus around 6AM which picked us up right at our hotel which was convenient. The buses would pick up people who were staying at any hotel on the strip and since the strip is where most tourists stayed anyway we were all covered. We then proceeded to go to the touring companies offices where we paid up for the trip and were provided with a small breakfast which consisted of a juice box and packaged danish that you’d find in a vending machine. Then we boarded our bus which was going to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. There were other buses going to other areas of the canyon but we chose the south rim because it supposedly has the best views.

We drove through Boulder City, NV and made our way to have a view of Lake Mead. I noticed that they were building a new bypass highway and bridge going around the dam. The bypass didn’t look to be quite done yet but seemed to be very near ready for regular traffic.

Hoover dam Bypass

After we drove over the dam the bus stopped for a photo opportunity just south on the road overlooking the dam. Everyone got off the bus and snapped some pictures of each other for about 20 minutes before we loaded back on the bus and hit the road. Here’s my picture:

Hoover Dam photo opportunity

The bus driver then put on a movie about the history of the dam construction which was somewhat interesting. The next stop was in Kingman, AZ where we briefly stopped at a McDonalds on the famous Rt. 66. After I scarfed down a burger I headed back onto the bus and we hit the highway again. The next stretch of the bus trip was the longest at about two hours. We finally made it to Rt.64, located just West of Flagstaff and headed north towards the canyon. We started seeing a lot of Grand Canyon signs like the one below.

Grand Canyon road sign

We finally came up to the IMAX theater and Grand Canyon gift shop where we saw a movie on the mysteries of the Grand Canyon. The move was about 45 minutes long and discussed the different lifestyles throughout the decades that lived and visited the Grand Canyon. We grabbed a bite to eat and hit the road again for the actual canyon part of the tour.

Now it was finally time to see what we traveled so far for. We pulled up to a bus stop that looked like we were in the middle of a forest. Then everyone got off the bus and proceeded to walk down a path and then *BOOM* the Grand Canyon was there before my eyes. It was very pretty and so huge. Pictures can’t do it justice. You need to see it with your own eyes to believe it. We were there for about an hour before we loaded up on the bus and went to another location in the south rim with an even better view of a large portion of the canyon.

Grand Canyon Vista

Grand Canyon South Rim

Grand Canyon Picture

After about another hour stay it was sadly time to hit the bus and head back to Las Vegas. The trip back seemed to go by a lot faster which is typically the case when traveling for hours. The Grand Canyon is a magnificent sight that everyone should see at least once in their life. Next time I go to visit the Grand Canyon, I hope to be hiking it.


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