Content Aware Auto-Fill in Photoshop CS5

Photoshop logo

One thing I never use in Photoshop is the fill function which automatically fills a selected area on my canvas because it was designed to be sensitive of the surrounding colors of the layer. Instead I typically just select an area I want to fill with the Polygonal tool and then manually fill it with a thick brush or clone tool for better accuracy.

Apparently the great people at Adobe are working on a new type of fill to come out in Photoshop CS5 due to come out in a couple weeks on April 12. This new feature entitled Content Aware Auto-Fill will make it much easier to accurately fill a user selected area of a canvas while taking into account and smoothly trying to match the surrounding pixels. Content Aware Auto-Fill could save designers and photo editors everywhere tons of time if the feature is done well. If it’s not done well then it will just be another Photoshop feature that sounds promising but once it’s actually used on the users end doesn’t really save any time or effort, synonymous with Photoshop tools with the word ‘magic’ in them.

One of the biggest requests we get of Photoshop is to make adding, removing, moving or repairing items faster and more seamless. From retouching to completely reimagining an image, here’s an early glimpse of what could happen in the future when you press the delete key. How might you use this new capability in your workflow?


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