Super Monkey Ball

Game_SupermonkeyBall_S2 Game_SupermonkeyBall_S1

Platform: Gamecube

Developer: Amusement Vision
Publisher: Sega
NA Release date: Nov. 18, 2001
Genre: Party
Media: 1 optical game disc


Before it was released on Gamecube, Super Monkey Ball was playable as an upright arcade cabinet arcade game in Japan. When The Gamecube was launched in 2001, Super Monkey Ball was one of the twelve launch titles. Dole bananas advertise in the game and have their logos on the bananas as well aGame_SupermonkeyBall_S3s hot air balloons in a mini-game. The game was developed by Amusement Vision and Published by Sega after Sega shifted focus from making consoles and software to strictly making software for all consoles.


In Super Monkey Ball it’s up to the player to guide a monkey enclosed in a ball across a series of platforms to make it through a goal within a certain amount of time. The player controls the platform and can tilt it 360 degrees to steer the monkey into the desired direction. The player also controls the camera angle, making it easier to view the monkey character. Along the paths to the goal, the monkey collects bananas that give the player points as well as extra lives which occur when 100 bananas are collected.

The player can choose between four monkeys to help guide them across the levels. Each monkey character, AiAi, MeeMee, Baby and Gon Gon, have certain strengths and weaknesses making them more or less valuable in certain levels. There are three party mini-games included in Super Monkey Ball. Monkey Race, Monkey Fight and Monkey Target. In addition to the party games there are three single player mini-games, Monkey Billards, Monkey Bowling and Monkey Golf.


The gameplay in Super Monkey Ball is exciting due to the fact that the player controls the platforms, not really the monkeys. The graphics are bright, crisp and colorful. The controls feel good and work well. The rotating camera works well because the player controls the action. The music in the game is catchy. After the game is beat for the first time the game does lose its feel a little and isn’t quite as exciting but they can always come back and play the various mini-games.


  • Grassland/Jungle
  • Valley/SkyGame_SupermonkeyBall_S5
  • City/Mall
  • Underwater
  • Desert
  • Arctic/Ice
  • Tempest Storm
  • Night Sky
  • Space
  • Temple
  • Clouds
  • Gamecube

Game_SupermonkeyBall_iconUnlimited Continues:

First unlock the three mini games. Every 2,500 play points afterwards gets an extra continue. Once you have nine continues, get 2,500 more points to get unlimited continues.


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