Final Fight

Game_FinalFight_Screen1 Game_FinalFight_Cover

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
NA Release date: November, 1991
Genre: Fighting
Media: 4-megabit cartridge



Originally, Final Fight was designed to be the sequel of the original Street Fighter but was later spun off to be its own game in the arcades. The working title for the game was Street Fighter ’89 but was later changed to Final Fight. When Final Fight hit the arcades it had great success spawning many versions of the game. The Super Nintendo version of the game was released in November 1991 in North America. Because of the limitations and censorship of games on the SNES, Capcom had to change a few things including leaving out a level and leaving out the character Guy. In addition, Capcom made the game single player only and gave the thugs less provocative outfits.


In Final Fight, Mayor Mike Haggar’s daughter Jessica, has been abducted by the Mad Gear gang to help the gang dominate the street and show their power. The Mayor then calls Jessica’s boyfriend Cody so they can hit the streets and get Jessica back. The player can chose between Cody and Haggar to work their way across a number of levels as they beat up the Mad Gear gang on their way to rescue Jessica. Each character has their strength and weaknesses. Cody is quick but not very powerful and Haggar is slow but large and powerful. In the game’s introduGame_FinalFight_Screen3ction, there is a famous cutscene that tells the story very well. The game takes place “Sometime in the 1990s…” according to the SNES version.


The character you play as has an energy meter that goes down as you get hit by the thugs. The characters have a special move that can be done to do more damage to the thugs. It is best to do the character’s special move when there are many thugs around, however doing so will slightly decrease that characters energy. Characters can regain energy from picking up items that they find by breaking boxes and carts during gameplay. Weapons such as daggers and swords that the enemies drop can be picked up and used for a limited time. There are bonus stages where the character gets to destroy a car and another one where they destroy barrels. The bonus levels are found in between stages and give the player more points.


I played the game a ton in the arcades so when Final Fight came out for Super Nintendo I was very excited to buy it. I was not disappointed one bit with this game despite Capcom leaving out a few things. The graphics are very crisp, detailed and colorful for a SNES game of that time. The control is accurate and fast on Super Nintendo. The difficulty level is perfect, starting off easy early on in the game and getting much more difficult as the game progresses. Game_FinalFight_Screen4The music is very simple and works great. There are even a few times on the SNES version that speech is heard which takes up much valuable ROM space. OK, there’s one thing I wish the SNES version had. I always loved that in the arcade version the characters could hang on the handles in the subway and fight people while hanging off them. I also missed Guy a little but still, Final Fight on SNES is one of my favorite games and one of the best side-scrolling fighters on the Super Nintendo.

The Heroes


  • Birthdate: 4/18/1967
  • Profession: Martial arts expert
  • Advantage: Balanced power and speed
  • Special move: Hurricane Kick
  • Favorite weapon: Knife


  • Birthdate: 9/3/1943
  • Profession: Mayor of Metro City
  • Advantage: Great power
  • Special move: Spinning Clothesline
  • Favorite weapon: Lead pipe

The Phone Call:

Mike Haggar: Hello, Mike Haggar here.

Mystery Caller: Hee hee hee, Mr. Haggar. So pleased to make your acquantance. I believe you know who I am. Don’t hang up! We have a liGame_FinalFight_Screen5ttle business proposition for you… Your daughter for your cooperation. And we’ll throw in the regular monthly bonus to your salary we offered before.

Mike Haggar: What?! What’s happened to Jessica? Who is this?!

Mystery Caller: Not so fast, Mike. Turn on your TV.

Mike Haggar: You fiend! What have you done to her?

Mystery Caller: Nothing yet…but we will if you don’t cooperate Listen to reason. Why make your job difficult? Just let us do as we please like the mayor before you did.

Also see The Bosses of Final Fight.


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