Duck Hunt

Game_DuckHunt_Screen1 Game_DuckHunt_Cover

Developer: Nintendo R&D1
Publisher: Nintendo
NA Release date: October 15, 1985
Genre: Light gun shooter
Media: 192-kb cartridge

Game_DuckHunt_Screen4 History:

Way before the NES, Nintendo released a game similar to Duck Hunt in 1976 that involved a projector with a built-in game and a shooting gun. Duck Hunt was released in the arcades in 1984. Then after the NES was released, Nintendo released Duck Hunt on it. Both Duck Hunt Game_DKC_Screen2and the Light Gun used in the game were developed by Research & Development 1. It was originally released along with Super Mario Bros. as a double pack-in title released with the NES Action Set in the U.S., and it came out on October 18, 1985 in North America.

Game_DuckHunt_Screen4 Gameplay:

In Duck Hunt, the player uses the Light Gun (AKA Zapper) to shoot ducks or clay pigeons as they fly on the screen. There are three game modes: one duck, two duck and clay pigeon shooting. In the duck modes, the player shoots down ducks that fly on the screen. The player gets three shots at shooting the duck before the duck takes off and flies away. In addition, the player has a limited amount of time before the duck(s) will fly away. If you shoot a duck or two, the dog will hold them up to show you. If no ducks are hit then a dog will pop out of the bushes and laugh at you. The clay pigeon game is similar but instead of ducks flying around the screen, clay pigeons are shot and fly off into the distance. The clay game is more difficult in Duck Hunt because the targets are smaller.

Game_DuckHunt_Screen4 Review:Game_DuckHunt_Screen3

Duck Hunt was one of the first home console video games to use a gun. Although the graphics are nothing special here, the use of the gun makes it one of the better games on the NES. The interactivity between the gun and the TV make the game very unique for its time. Other light gun games came out for the NES but Duck Hunt has always been one of the best light gun games. The game can be a bit repetitive with the levels basically repeating over, only at a faster speed. The music in the game is very catchy.


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