Super Mario Kart

Game_SMK_Screenshot1 Game_SMK_Box

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
NA Release date: Sept. 1, 1992
Genre: Racing
Media: 4-Megabit cartridge


Be the first to cross the finish line as you race as one of the eight available drivers including Mario, Luigi, princess and more of your favorite Nintendo characters. Players race Go-Karts across 20 different courses and 4 cups. Along the way they can find various shortcuts and weapons to slow down their enemies or get a speed boost of power themselves.

Game_SMK_Screenshot2Super Mario Kart features Mode 7 graphics which simulates crisp 3D graphics. There are two sections on the players screen during the race. The top section shows a map of the track while the bottom shows the live action going on. There are two single-player modes, Grand Prix and Time Trial. There also are three multiplayer modes. Grand Prix, Match Race and battle mode.

Whether you’re racing against the computer controlled characters in Grand Prix mode or against a friend in battle mode, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a good time in this game. I must say that I personally have tons of fun with the multiplayer mode ‘battle’. With eight million copies sold, Super Mario Kart is the third best-selling game on the SNES.


Heavyweights: Slow speed. Powerful. Above average control.

  1. Donkey Kong Jr
  2. Bowser

Middleweights: Average speed. Average power. Average control.Game_SMK_Screenshot3

  1. Mario
  2. Luigi

Lightweights: Fast speed. Weak power. Below average control.

  1. Yoshi
  2. Toad
  3. Princess
  4. Koopa Troopa


  • Green Shell: Shoots a green shell straight in front of you.
  • Red Shell: Heat syncing shell that follows player in front of you.
  • Banana Peel: Lay these on the ground and hope the opponent slips.
  • Mushroom: Speed boost!
  • Ghost: Makes you invisible and steals the nearest racers item.
  • Lightning Bolt: Shrinks the other seven racers.
  • Starman: Makes you invincible and able to spinout opponents.
  • Feather: Gives you a jump. Used for shortcuts.


  • D-Pad – Move kart
  • A – Use ItemGame_SMK_race
  • B – Accelerate
  • Y – Brake / Reverse
  • X – Look behind
  • L – Jump / Drift
  • R – Jump / Drift
  • Select – N/A
  • Start – Pause Game


Mushroom Cup – Mario Circuit, Donut Plains 1, Ghost Valley 1, Bowser Castle 1, Mario Circuit 2

Flower Cup – Choco Island 1, Ghost Valley 2, Donut Plains 2, Bowser Castle 2, Mario Circuit 3

Star Cup – Koopa Beach 1, Choco Island 2, Vanilla Lake 1, Bowser Castle 3, Mario Circuit 4

Special Cup – Donut Plains 3, Koopa Beach 2, Ghost Valley 3, Vanilla Lake 2, Rainbow Road


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