Super Mario Bros.

Game_SMB_Screenshot1 Game_SMB_Boxart

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
NA Release date: Oct. 18, 1985
Genre: Platformer
Media: 320-kb cartridge


Game_SMB_MarioJumpSuper Mario Bros. was one of the original 18 games that came out for the NES. It’s popularity is due to its simple gameplay elements including easy conrol, catchy music, creative enemies and clever obstacles Mario and Luigi see as they clear levels. It’s a platform game with gameplay that changed the way developers worked on video games. For example, Mario is a plumber and as a plumber he goes through pipes which transport him to different areas.


The goal of the game is for Mario the plumber to save Princess Peach (Princess Toadstool in the U.S. version) who was stolen by Bowser. In order to rescue the princess, Mario must scroll through 8 worlds of enemies and obstacles, which make up the MushrooGame_SMB_screen_2m Kingdom. Once the Princess is saved, the Mushroom Kingdom will be peaceful again.


Mario has a few attacks and ways to avoid enemies. One method is for Mario to jump on enemies. Jumping kills most enemies. Another option is when Mario shoots fireballs to destroy the enemies. Fireballs can be shot once Mario gains flower power which can be found in the breakable blocks throughout the levels. Mario needs to avoid the enemies which are primarily goombas and turtles. Both the Goombas and the turtles walk on the ground but some turtles with wings can jump as well. There are other enemies including Hammer Bros, fish, clouds that shoot out spikes and more.

There are a few secret ways to get through the game faster. The game has two warp zones which let Mario or Luigi transport to levels further in the game without beating all the levels before it. An interesting glitch in the game is The Minus World which can be found by passing through a solid wall at the end of World 1-2. This level is unbeatable because when you go through the pipe at the end of it, it takes you back to the beginning of the level.


This is one of the most enjoyable games for the NES. It is also the best selling game of all time for any home console, partly due to the fact that it was bundled with new NES systems along with Duck Hunt. If you haven’t played it yet I suggest checking it out on Wii as it’s available through Virtual Console.


  • Easy Continue
    If you run out of lives and want to continue in the same world where you died, at the game over screen press and hold A then press start at 1 player (or 2 player).
  • Fireworks
    If you touch the flagpole of any level with either 1, 3, or 6 seconds left on the number on the right of the game timer, then you get that many fireworks.

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